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Tips for traveling in the Pacific Northwest

When we talk about taking the Great American Journey, Route 66 comes to mind, but we think heading north is an even better idea. The Pacific Northwest is a great area for bus travel, as it is an area filled with modern towns and amazing wonders that are not even known to exist in North America.

Bolt buses have excellent and economical routes to most of the major cities in the Pacific Northwest, including Portland, Seattle and Vancouver.

You can also use local bus companies for day trips to the multitude of National Parks, beaches and wineries in the area, which will not only allow you to get to unusual destinations, but also to enjoy beautiful views along the way, which is almost a must given the sheer number of breathtaking landscapes in these parts.

Planning a trip to such a rich, diverse and unique region can be overwhelming, which is why we have put together a collection of 10 useful tips to help you travel along the northwest coast making the process as painless as possible.

Choose the right satation

In Vancouver you won’t have to go far from the city to find ski resorts and beaches, and in Washington you’ll have a good chance of spotting whales in the winter, whilst the summer is full of great festivals.

The fantastic range of activities on offer in this area related to the time of year can make you decide what type of trip you’re looking for. In winter you may have to deal with the rain, but the temperatures don’t drop too much which allows for both outdoor activities and staying more secluded in the city.

During the summer, the dry season and is perhaps the best time if you are thinking of sunbathing, water sports or jumping from rooftop to rooftop drinking craft beer and enjoying the delicious cuisine of the area.

Keep your two feet

When you travel to the Pacific Northwest, your feet are your best friends. From hiking in the National Parks with a mission to find the most beautiful gorges and waterfalls,When traveling the Pacific Northwest, your feet are your best friends.

From hiking the National Parks on a quest to find the most beautiful gorges and waterfalls, to taking a walk along the river in Portland, you are sure to have earned your meal at one of the thousands of restaurants that line the city streets.

If cycling is more your thing, Seattle, Portland and Vancouver all offer great bike routes, rentals and tours, making it an easy and inexpensive way to visit the cities. The region rewards visitors who venture out to find hidden gems, so be prepared to get active.

Pack Wisely

Speaking of walking or cycling, we have to mention the importance of wearing the right shoes.

If you are going to visit one or more of the three big cities: Vancouver, Portland or Seattle, we recommend that you wear two pairs of shoes, one very comfortable and practical for long hours of activity during the day and another more chic for nightlife between restaurants and clubs.

Check the weather forecast before you go out to see if you will need a jacket or not. And no matter what the weatherman says, always carry an umbrella, the skies close and drop water in a matter of minutes.

Do what the locals do

The residents of the Pacific Northwest are part of what makes that region so unique. No matter where you are, spend at least one day trying to do what the locals do.

Check out Seattle’s Pike’s Place Market early in the morning before it fills up with tourists and be sure to talk to the vendors a bit and buy some snacks later.

Stop by Powell’s bookstore in Portland and then grab your new novel for an afternoon of relaxation at a cool cafĂ©.

The best way to find out which hidden places are preferred by locals is to ask one, and you’ll get the feeling that cities are full of friends who make you feel like you belong as soon as you arrive with cities full of residents’ friends who will feel like you belong in no time.

Is all about the stunning exteriors

As we have already mentioned, the natural wonders in the Pacific Northwest are not to be missed and the available bus routes make it possible for any traveler to reach them.

For dazzling trips on both ferries and buses, incredible waterfalls and great bike routes, head to the North Cascades in Washington State.

If wine tasting among the vineyards is more your idea of a day in the wilderness, head to Oregon’s Willamette Valley for a wine experience.

Whether you’re an experienced climber or just want to relax in the sun, the Pacific Northwest has something to offer with its wonderful outdoors.

Get in the water

Between the proximity of the Pacific Ocean and the multitude of impressive and beautiful islands, it is going to be very complicated for you to make a trip to this area without getting into or through any body of water.

Rent a kayak and go whale watching in Washington, catch some waves in British Columbia or take a booze cruise in Oregon; whatever you do, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking views from the water.

Recharge energies

In a region with so much activity, you will need to replenish your strength in quantity to maintain your energy level. Fortunately, the Pacific Northwest region is a culinary paradise and both the fresh products of its mountains and the meat are transformed into fabulous innovative dishes by its creative young chefs.

Don’t miss the huge variety of food trucks in Vancouver, Portland or Seattle, as they are the best way to sample the local flavor for only a fraction of the price. Take a look at the vehicle routes in each city to make sure you don’t miss any of the best bites.


Although it is tempting to prepare your itinerary to the millimetre in a region that has so much diversity to offer, we advise you to leave some free time to relax and let yourself go a little.

You can take a look at the local craft beer scene, or perhaps stand in the most modern cocktail bar in the area or relax over a cup of coffee in some of the local country houses far removed from the tourist scene.

Whether you’re in one of the big cities or a small town, you’re sure to find someone friendly enough to point you in the right direction towards the most genuine experience in the area.

Travels comfortably

When you travel in such a large region, it is important to travel as comfortably as possible. In order to see all that it has to offer you will have to spend many hours on the road.

Since buses are the best way to travel between cities and to points of natural interest in the Pacific Northwest, don’t forget to grab a neck pillow and some spades so you can nod off while you have all the energy you need in your belly to enjoy the view from the other side of the window.

Make plans to cover your tastes

No one knows your tastes better than you. Since the Pacific Northwest is known for both its dynamic cities and its electrifying natural wonders, if you’d rather try coffee than canoe down a river, don’t force yourself to do what you won’t enjoy.

Just as if you’d like to spend your vacation camping in the National Parks in Washington and surfing in British Columbia, there’s no reason you have to spend days seeing the great cities of the area.